Plymouth Brewing Company

Plymouth Brewing Company

Updated Hours

Wednesday: 5-10 PM (Order in person, Delivery, or pick-up)

Thursday: 5-10 PM (Order in person, or pick-up)

Friday: 2-11 PM (Order in person, or pick-up)

Saturday: 2-11 PM (Order in person, or pick-up)

*Order in person*= Walk in, order a growler, walk out

*Delivery*= Message us on Facebook with your order, minimum 3 growlers, and it will be delivered between 12PM and 4PM Wednesday

*Pick-Up*= Message us on Facebook (preferred) or leave a voicemail at the taproom with the growler order you want, then come pick it up at any of the available hours above

Available Beers

  1. Stafford Stout

  2. Nutt Hill

  3. 'Sconsin

  4. Mighty Mullet

  5. IOAFA

  6. Dairyland Dark w/ Orange

  7. Kettles Rye Malt Kolsch

  8. Dairyland Dark w/ Coconut

  9. Dairyland Dark

  10. Cosmic Pocket Imperial Stout

  11. Filligan's Irish Red Ale

*For keg orders please message on Facebook*

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